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Dave Baillie

Jason - I think the I "cheat." First thing I do is check my calendar -that's the "right answer, right? ;-) BUT, I do it BEFORE I get to the office... during my 15min morning repose at a favorite coffee shop... this way I know what's gonna be hitting me for the day (especially on Monday's.) It also let's me remind myself of non-work actions to check off. THEN, when I get to the office I quickly scan for new "HOT" input (v-mail, e-mail from boss, new calendar appmnts) to see if I need to change the "hard landscape" of my calendar (or dump, uh, I mean delegate more...)

Occassionally I will make a daily "to do." This means that I desperately need a mega weekly review.. such a list only contains "what will die" if I don't do it today.

Nice poll.



In regards to your poll regarding first action steps of the day. I went with "C" , listen to voice mail with Writing a prioritized list a close second. I believe your wisdom would suggest that the proper response would be "A" Review your calendar.

I look forward to hearing you masterful response.

Thank you,
B In Boulder

Frank Brownie

Work???? I left that behind five years ago. But I do check my calendar to make sure I don't miss my next cruise or trip. Just back from a great 12 night transatlantic with stops in Cork, Dublin, Falmouth, Le Havre and Southampton and four great days in London.

Don Knight

I start everyday with "Gratitude". I take a few minutes to thank God/Universe for all that I have. This helps me set the tone for the day. When I start getting over welmed with the tasks of the day I go back to gratitude. This seems to get me back to mindfulness and staying present.

Don Knight

Brad Wright

Prayer and reading scripture.

Mary Anne

It's sort of like checking the calendar but not quite: I start by looking over the day's client records, reviewing the last appointment and thinking of questions.


I always start with a cup of coffee. After that I open Palm Desktop to see what the day is going to look like. On a busy day I immediately get to work to get some things done before the chaos breaks out. On quiet days I first read some news to wake up slowly.

Marie-Lynne Gleeson

I start my day with a big hello to my partner and my dog. I then feed her. Then I sit and visualize my day as a very productive and happy day. I believe taking a moment and appreciating what I have is really important. It gets me on my way.


I don't go to work till 2nd shift. I sit down and read to newspaper. Always start with the comics then to the meat of the news. My wife brings me my coffee. Breakfast, then to my office to go over my sites.

Lisa Duncan

A wonderful concept from the book Law of Attraction called segment intending would be a great way to start the work day. I must admit my standard way to start the day is to check email.

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